Have you seen the newest issue of UNCG Magazine?

Our cover story explores today’s UNCG student body, and how they both connect to our University’s past as well as forge their own unique future here. It also offers a much-needed guide to Gen Z slang, which we’re not ashamed to say stumped a lot of us! So that got us thinking:

What kind of slang have previous students used?

Use the form below to submit your favorite slang from when you were at Woman’s College or UNCG — and we’ll see if we can stump our current student body! We’ll use your responses to interview students across campus and compile their guesses into a video for UNCG Alumni social media channels. And make sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see it!

Alumni Slang Survey

If we have questions about your submission.
Please provide all four numbers (e.g. 1997 and not 97).
Keep it family friendly, please! And don’t forget to provide the “definition” of any slang you share.
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